Community App: is it necessity or a burden to community?

"Purpose" of Community Apps: feed your idea by taking part in this dicsussion

Are these community apps required to these communities? or these are just burden to them.

When I talk to my friends residing in different parts of the world, their uninomous answer was yes these are required to us for giving us  the fresh feeds from our home country, and when I ask same questions to the different section of people living in Nepal- their answer was yes we need it not for chatting but rather for connecting people with purpose. So the "purpose" is major to justify the requirements of these Community Apps.

Thus as the first and only one social media of its type, "Aafanta" needs first to define its " Purpose" among its users. This Blog is thus created to discuss this very "Purpose" of Aafanta. I would like to invite all section of the community to feed your perspective.




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